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Membership Questions
I forgot my membership password, what should I do?
Without logging in, you can temporarily reset your password to a randomly generated 6-digit number. You can begin the process by choosing "Reset password" in "My Account" (or the login window on the left of the page). However, you must remember the membership login name, which is case-sensitive, and the email address that you established during your initial member registration. If your member login name and email address match our database, your new password will be emailed to you automatically. Once you have your new password, you can use it to login and update your new password, by selecting "Change password" in "My Account".
Some of my member information has changed, how do I correct it?
In order for your member information to reflect any changes, you must email us at with the changes you want. We will update your member profile as soon as we can.

Product Questions
Do you have any phone cards that will let me call from outside the USA to the USA?
Yes, we do have the WPC Travelers Choice Card which provides calling from a limited number of countries outside of the USA. This type of phone card mostly works by routing a call first to the USA and then route this call from the USA to the final destination.

This system usually results in very large savings when compared to the cost of calling direct from another country by traditional means. Travelers can buy their long distance before they travel abroad and save money.

International persons living in the USA often buy this type of phone card and send the PIN to family members abroad so they can call them at much lower rates.
What is the difference between a phone card and a calling card?
Nothing. They are the same thing.
What is a connection fee?
Connection fees allow long distance providers to lower the price per minute on long distance calls. These fees are usually charged on each call made and are collected by reducing the number of minutes left on a phone card. Phone cards with high connection fees are referred to as "long call" cards. They work to the advantage of a user when using most if not all of the phone card on a single call.

Phone cards that have a small connection fee or no connection fee are called "short call" cards. These phone cards should be used for that purpose. We provide you with a cost per call chart to help you know the best price for the type of call you expect to make.
How soon can I start using my phone card?
You can begin to use your phone card immediately after you have checked out from our store and have had your credit card information verified. At checkout you will be given an authorization code or PIN, serial number of your new phone card, dialing instructions, and the customer service phone number of your phone card.
What happens if I have a bad connection or get disconnected while using my phone card?
Call the customer service number that was displayed during your store check out and explain what happened. They will usually credit your phone card balance for any charges you dispute.
Are there any hidden fees or charges?
Some of the following fees may apply:

Pay Phone Fees — The Federal Government requires these fees to be collected so the owners of the pay phones can be paid for the use of their payphones. Calls from private phones are not charged this fee.

Monthly Service Fees — These fees are there to give a phone company a means to get lost or discarded phone cards out of the system. A person who buys and uses a phone card in less than a month, usually does not need to pay such a fee. Watch out for phone cards that may have a weekly fee. It is extremely important to read each phone cards disclaimer section carefully.
How do I check my phone card balance?
When you purchase a phone card and call your access number, punch in your PIN or authorization code, the amount left on the phone card is told to you either prior to you punching in your destination phone number, or immediately after.
Which phone cards can I use from Canada?
The only phone card you can currently use from Canada is the "Super Clean Card", and the rate is competitive with other products from the USA.
Can I use your phone cards on a cellular phone?
We do not promote or recommend calling from a cellular phone. If you are using the products we handle on a cell phone, we cannot be held responsible for the minutes or service you get. We do however have rates for calling to a cellular phone from a USA land phone.
Can I use the same phone card to call to a land line or a cellular phone?
You can use the same phone card for both types of calls, but remember, the rates will differ.
How long is my phone card good for?
Each phone card varies as to when they expire; some are 1 year, 6 months or 90 days from the first day of use. That's why it's important to read the disclaimer and terms section carefully before purchasing.
I'm pretty sure I was overcharged on my calling card. How do I rectify this?
Call the phone card's customer service number that was displayed at the same time as your dialing instructions and PIN assignment were. If you lost or misplaced the customer service toll free number, then go to our web site, select your calling destination country and click on the phone card brand that you purchased. All of the particulars of your phone card are displayed for your perusal. When you call customer service have your PIN or serial number handy and explain why you think you were overcharged. Unexplained calculation errors do happen and our experience with these service departments have been very favorable. You will probably be issued an automated credit to your phone cards balance for any disputed charges.
I have noticed that some of the phone card disclaimers mention additional fees and surcharges, what does this mean?
A practice that is gaining popularity among phone card providers is additional fees, and surcharges, being imposed based on phone card usage. Phone card providers were losing vast amounts of money by offering extremely cheap rates, with little or no fees. Many consumers would purchase these discounted phone cards, and then would also demand high quality connections and a fast acting customer service. Many providers went out of business, while others have instituted a fee related charge based on usage. If you were calling domestically, your fees would be approximately 5-cents for an estimated 10-minute conversation, above and beyond your regular per minute rate. On the other hand, if you were calling to Timbuktu, your fees would be approximately 49-cents for an estimated 10-minute conversation. These fee deductions would explain why some consumers, who keep a close track on their phone cards balance, have small amounts missing after a call.
Do you have any rechargeable phone cards, where I keep and use the same PIN?
Yes, we now have the WPC Classic Card which is rechargeable.
How do I set up my pinless dialing feature on my WPC Classic Card?
You must click on "My Account" then "Order History". You'll need to login if you haven't already, and you'll need to verify your password again. From the order history page, click on the order number which included the WPC Classic Card, and click the "View" button. This page shows an area where you can enter up to five phone numbers for pinless dialing. When entering the phone numbers, make sure they are 10-digit with no spaces or leading 1.
How do I find any local access numbers for my WPC Classic Card?
Once you've selected the WPC Classic Card, the product detail page comes up showing the different denominations available, with it's associated "buy" button. At the end of that listing is a "View" button. Clicking that "View" button reveals a list of local access phone numbers.
I just bought a WPC Classic Card and when I try to use it the operator says "non-sufficient funds", what's up?
Give the system approximately ten minutes to complete its updating process.

Registration questions
What if I'm from a country other than the USA, and I don't have a state name or zip code to input?
We suggest that you input an "n/a" for the state name and "00000" (zeros) for your zip code.

Shopping questions
Why can't I find the country I want to call on your web site?
If you can't find the country you're looking for you can email us at, let us know what country you are looking for and we'll add that country to our list within a short period of time.
I keep trying to buy but the system says that my address is incorrect, what's wrong?
To successfully complete your order, the address you enter into our system must match the address on your credit card statement. Also, don't overlook the re-selection and verification of your first name, last name and state name on the credit card screen.
I was unsuccessful at buying a phone card, but my bank says that you still charged me, why?
The charges to your credit card are only for an authorization. We reserved money for the sale but we never actually charged your credit card. These entries will disappear within approximately 72 hours from time of the attempted purchase.
Can I place an order by phone, email or snail mail?
At World Phonecard we pride ourselves on the fact that we have made calling cards easily available to our customers through the World Wide Web. Because of this simplicity, we feel that no other way should be set as a precedent. We provide our customers with cutting edge e-commerce technology and secure credit card verification. There is no need to worry when you purchase from us.
How do I buy a phonecard?
Buying from us is simple; just follow these 9 steps and you're on your way to great calling rates:

  1. Click here to go to
  2. Choose your country of interest from the drop down menu listing. Use the menu that applies to the type of card you want, either one for calls to a land phone or to a cellular phone.
  3. Click on the small 'GO' button adjacent to your chosen country, then a list of available phone cards for your intended use will appear.
  4. You can place any phone card in your shopping cart by clicking the denomination of your chosen row.
  5. The disclaimer section gives you all of the phone cards details. To continue click the 'buy' button to purchase or the 'shop' button to continue shopping.
  6. To check out:
    For existing members: If you haven't logged in yet, now is your opportunity by clicking on the 'Login' button.
    For non-members: You must become a member to place an order, click on the 'Register' button and complete the registration form. When finished, click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Now click the 'Order' button and our secure credit card screen will appear, but remember, you must have a valid credit card.
  8. When all of the information is filled in, click the 'Order' button near the bottom of the page.
  9. After your credit card is verified, returning customers will instantly receive their PIN and dialing instructions, the only thing ever emailed is a conformation message. All first time buyers, will receive their PIN right after they are voice verified. World Phonecard uses Secure Sockets Layer, (SSL) technology to send your credit card information to our order processing computer. SSL sends your credit card number in an encrypted code that only World Phonecard can decode. Your credit card information is then verified by a credit card payment processor to make sure that the name, address, and credit card number are valid. World Phonecard keeps track of your name and address, but for security purposes, you must enter your credit card number each time you want to make a purchase.
I just can't seem to get into My Account so I can view my PINs, help?
After you initially login and get the "Welcome Back" message, click on the "Home" button below the text. Then click on "My Account" then "Order History". It will prompt you for your password again. After that you'll get your order history.
Does World Phonecard have a phone number?
World Phonecard prefers to communicate with its customers through email. We aren't staffed or organized to handle telephone inquiries. Remember, perceived errors in the calculation of your phone card rates or balances, are better handled by the manufactuers customer service representative for your phone card.
How do I logout of your web site?
There is an official log out under "My Account" that will purge your shopping cart or basket of all items and log you out of our system.